Chasing Watts Support Center

What is a "Community Ride"?

A Community Ride is simply a ride without a designated leader.

Checking the box to designate your ride as a "Community Ride" will hide your name and account from the ride details, and there will be no Ride Leader tied to it.

There might be several reasons why you want to do this:

  1. You're creating a recurring group ride for your local community but might not always be there
  2. You're creating the ride for someone else
  3. You're creating a ride for an existing event that you don't manage
  4. You want to remain anonymous

IMPORTANT: You will still be able to manage the ride details, comments, and messaging, but it won't show your account as being the one that created the ride.

How to create a Community Ride:

All ride creation starts with adding a route (or selecting "No Route"), then clicking "Next". After that, it varies by device:

MOBILE APP: You'll find this option at the bottom of the ride details screen. Fill in your ride info (date, start time, location, etc.) and at the bottom toggle the switch ON to make it a "Community Ride".

DESKTOP / BROWSER: You'll find this option on the last page called "Ride Options". Check the box to make the ride a "Community Ride".