Chasing Watts Support Center

How do I find rides?

There are three ways to find rides, in your Feed, on the Calendar, and with a Search.


Any nearby public rides will show in your dashboard or ride feed, visible when you first open the app or by clicking on the "RIDES" tab on the top (and bottom!) menu of the app. Rides are sorted by date with the earliest rides listed first. Any active public rides in the the next two (2) weeks are displayed.

If you're not seeing anything in your Feed, it means there's nothing planned in the next two weeks in your local area. You can increase your local radius in your Profile, or check the calendar for rides further out in the future.


The Calendar will show all scheduled public rides in your local area. Our mobile app has basic functionality; accessing it through a browser on a larger screen will provide more options. Here's how to find and use it based on device type:

Once you find a ride you're interested in, click on the ride name* to see details.

*Clicking on a ride from the calendar within the app will show ride details automatically. If you're using a browser and nothing seems to be happening when you click on a ride, it's likely because you have Pop-Ups and/or Content Blockers active. Try disabling those for full functionality. (In Safari, right click on the URL to adjust settings for


Search lets you find rides by region or ride name, which is a great way to look for group rides when traveling to a new area!

Remember, your default location is your home location, so if you search while traveling, you'll need to fill in the city you're visiting (or planning to visit) to search that area. Here's how it works:

RIDE NAME: Optional field if you know the name of a ride

SEARCH RADIUS: Enter the radius of the search from the Location

LOCATION: Type in a city, state, or zip code (anywhere in the world) to use as the starting point for your search

DATES: If you're only looking for rides on a specific date, just use that date and leave the "Date To" field blank

RIDE TYPE: Choose a type, or leave blank to see all the options

MINIMUM DISTANCE: Leave blank to see all the options

Have fun out there!