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GPX Route syncing now easier than ever!

how to upload and share a GPX route file with a group ride on the chasing watts cycling app

Chasing Watts makes it easier than ever to share GPX files with everyone on a group ride


Chasing Watts, the leading group ride app for cyclists, has just made it easier than ever for ride leaders to share a GPX route file with everyone on their ride.

The latest update also makes it easier for anyone joining the ride to download or sync the GPX file to their cycling computer, so they can easily follow the route.

“Sharing GPX files has always been core to Chasing Watts,” says co-founder Scott Minard. “And now it's even easier for ride leaders to add a GPX file to their rides, and for everyone who joins to use that for navigation and turn cues.”

For users already familiar with the feature, the latest update makes it faster and easier, making the route file more prominent and reducing most actions to a single click.

Additionally, Chasing Watts has updated their FAQ pages with more tips on how to add GPX files to a ride and how to get those files onto popular GPS cycling computers. Ride leaders can sync routes from Strava and Ride With GPS in a single click from both mobile and desktop, or upload a GPX file directly from their computer through Chasing Watt’s web portal.

how to add gpx route files to your cycling computer from the chasing watts group ride app

Riders can use Chasing Watts' robust search feature to find road, gravel, mountain bike and other rides near them. Once they've selected a ride, route details will show the source of the GPX file, and clicking on the purple Folded Map icon will display the route visually. Click the Layers icon on the map to see all of the download and syncing options, with a simple one-click sync for Garmin users!

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Once a cyclist has joined the ride, they can view the linked route and sync it directly to a Garmin device, send it to the Wahoo ELEMNT app, or add it to their own Strava or RWGPS account for pairing with Hammerhead Karoo and other computers.

'Know The Route’ is our mantra here,” Minard adds. “We believe it makes every group ride safer and more enjoyable for everyone on it, so we’re really excited to make it easier.

Routes also now show elevation profiles where available, letting riders see what’s in store before they join a ride. And as always, riders and leaders can see who’s joining the ride, message everyone, and push updates about the ride to keep everyone in the loop.

Chasing Watts is free to use, allowing riders to find, join, create, and manage group rides anywhere in the world. Available on Apple’s AppStore and Google Play and online at

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