Chasing Watts Support Center

Version 3.0.15

Hey cyclists!  Hope you are getting some time out on a bike!  We're here to help you do that in a fun and safe way.
We've got another great update.  Check it...

*  Get to your route information fast; now if the ride has just a single route, you can get to the download options in one click as well as review any available elevation.
*  Speed notice is back!  If a ride is over 20mph/32kph, you'll be notified that you're joining a faster ride.
*  Friend search - bug fix there when searching for a full name (eg. first and last).
*  Ride titles - long ride titles will now scale appropriately when viewing the ride details!
*  New ride - default date - corrected bug when added a ride the day of.
*  "Road" has been added as an activity type!  This will ultimately replace the "Group" option.
*  More optimization and better error handling throughout the app!

As always, proper thanks to everyone who continues to support the app.  HUGE thanks to everyone who provides feedback.  
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please hit us up at

Thanks and LET'S RIDE.

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