Chasing Watts Support Center

What is Chasing Watts? Who's it for?

Chasing Watts is the premiere platform for connecting cyclists around the world!

Chasing Watts makes it easy to find, create, and manage group rides in your local area, and find other cyclists to ride with no matter where you are. With members across the globe, you can find a friend to ride with anywhere!


Chasing Watts is FREE to use and is available online through a browser and through our iOS and Android mobile apps. Download them free and create your free account today!


Tired of managing your group rides through email lists, message strings (that don't always play well between iOS and Android!), Facebook Groups, Google Groups, spreadsheets, Strava Clubs, and more?

So were we, so we made Chasing Watts, an all-in-one solution for creating and managing group rides that's free to use and extremely user friendly.

Chasing Watts lets you:

Basically, we make it extremely easy to host your group rides with powerful features that make your "job" easier.


Tired of scrolling through social media, forums, groups, Google Sheets, emails, and text groups just to find a good ride? So were we, so we made Chasing Watts as a way for local ride leaders to share their rides all in one place, and make it easy for you to:

It's a better way to join a ride, and with multiple ways to find more rides in your area (and create your own!), it's easy to see what's coming up and find a ride that works with your schedule and ability.